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    how to maintain the motor
    Release time:2014-8-19 17:09:41 viewed:2226

    The motor of the regular maintenance and maintenance: in order to ensure the normal work of the motor according to the operating rules, in addition tonormal use, operation process of attention to normal monitoring andmaintenance, should also conduct regular inspection, do a good job ofmotor maintenance. It can eliminate some problems, in order to prevent failure, to ensure safe and reliable operation of the motor. Regular maintenance intervals may consider the use of environment decisionaccording to the motor form. Regular maintenance of the contents are as follows.

    1, cleaning machine. The dust, the timely removal of motor frame externalsludge. Such as the use of the environment with more dust, the best daily cleaning time.

    2, inspection and cleaning of motor terminals. Check whether the loosening of screws, junction box burn.

    3, check the fixed part of the screw, including anchor screws, end cap screws, bearing cover screws etc.. The loose nut.

    4, check the drive device, check the pulley or coupling has no courage,damage, installation is firm; the belt and the connecting tab is intact.

    5, motor starting device, but also a timely cleaning external dust, youenough, wiping contacts, check the wiring is part of a burn marks, the grounding wire is good.

    6, bearing inspection and maintenance. Bearings should be cleaned after a period of use, the replacement of grease or oil. Cleaning and oil changetime, shall, with the motor work environment, cleanliness, lubricants and decide, half of each 3-6 months, should be cleaned once again changing the lubricating grease. The oil temperature is higher, the motor or poor environmental conditions, the dusty should be cleaned regularly, oil.

    7, insulation inspection. Insulation capability of material by dry degree varies, so check the motor winding drying is very important. The working environment humidity, there exist between motor corrosive gas and other factors, will damage the electrical insulation. The most common is thewinding grounding fault, namely the insulation damage, make the live part and a casing should not be charged metal part of the collision, the occurrence of this fault, not only affects the normal work of the motor, but also endanger the personal safety. Therefore, the motor is in use, should always check the insulation resistance, but also pay attention to check the motor casing grounding is reliable.

    8, in addition to the above several contents of motor for regular maintenance, after one year of operation to overhaul. Overhaul aims at a thorough and comprehensive examination, motor maintenance,supplementary motor lack, wear components, the complete elimination ofdust, motor inside and outside in the dirt, check insulation case, cleaning bearings and check its wear. Found problems, timely treatment.

    In general, as long as the correct use and maintenance properly, find fault and processing, motor working life is long.

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